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Auxiliary Services Division
About Auxiliary Services
The Cloverdale Police Department's Auxiliary Services Division consists of one full-time Community Services Officer (CSO), one part-time CSO, three volunteer Reserve Officers,  school crossing guards, and volunteer police employees.

Available Services
Abandoned Vehicle Abatement
This is one of the primary duties of the full-time CSO. By towing away abandoned vehicles, the officer not only keeps the city looking nicer, but also enforces vehicle abatement laws within the City limits.

Animal Control
Most animal calls for service are handled locally by the full-time CSO and on-duty patrol officers. The Animal Hospital of Cloverdale provides short-term shelter and impound services. Find out more about Animal Control services.

Property and Evidence
The CSO assigned to this unit handles all property that comes into the Police Department, whether it is found, evidence in a crime, or held for safe-keeping. Learn more about Property and Evidence.

Reserve Officers
The Cloverdale Police Department is fortunate to have dedicated individuals that volunteer their time to serve as Reserve Officers. These officers assist regular officers in the performance of their duties by riding with them and handling calls with them. They provide transport of prisoners to County Jail and provide security for school dances and athletic and community events. One of the Reserve Officers is also employed part-time as a CSO assigned to work in the local schools.

The Police Department currently has two Reserve Officers. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the Chief of Police at 707.894.2150.

School Crossing Guards
The Police Department has a School Crossing Guard unit that helps elementary and middle school-aged children cross the roads safely on their way to and from school. The unit has five part-time employees.

School Resource Officer
One of our Reserve Officers functions as our School Resource Officer. He works with the Cloverdale Unified School District, assigned directly to the schools. He investigates all criminal cases that occur on school property. In addition, he teaches Law Enforcement classes at the high school, and is teaching D.A.R.E. and GREAT at the middle schools. He prepares a variety of presentations on relevant topics for the students and acts as a truant officer when needed. 

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