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Measure O
Information on Measure O

Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for visiting our website page about Measure O.

On July 23, 2014 the Cloverdale City Council placed Measure O, the Temporary City of Cloverdale Local Control/Fiscal Stability Measure, on the November ballot. If enacted, Measure O will provide locally-controlled funding to maintain Cloverdale’s essential City services, and will sunset in eight years.

To remain financially stable, Cloverdale has implemented numerous budget cuts, including reducing the number of City employees by over 20%, freezing salaries for the past six years, reforming pensions, and closing City Hall on Fridays. Despite these efforts, there is little left to cut in the budget and Measure O will help maintain essential City services.

Also, in recent years Sacramento lawmakers have been siphoning off funds traditionally sent to cities to address their own budget. If enacted, Measure O will give us a guaranteed source of local funding that cannot be taken by Sacramento or Washington, and that can be used to prevent further cuts and maintain our essential City services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at for more information about Measure O.

Paul Cayler
Cloverdale City Manager

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