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Stage 1 Water Conservation Information
Stage 1 Watering Schedule

Watering Restrictions and Schedule

  • Maintain 25% or more reduction in water use based on usage last year.
  • Outdoor water use 7:00pm—9:00am only.
  • No outdoor water use allowed on Mondays.
  • Outdoor water use for odd-numbered addresses (ending in 1, 3, 5, 7, & 9) (i.e., 123 N Main St) is permitted on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 7:00pm—9:00am only
  • Outdoor water use for even-numbered addresses (ending in 2, 4, 6, 8 & 0) (i.e., 124 N Main St) is permitted on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 7:00pm—9:00am only
  • All outdoor water use must be kept on your property.  No water runoff allowed.
  • Car washing allowed during your designated hours and days specified above. Use of a bucket of water and hose with shut-off nozzle is required.  No excess water runoff allowed.
  • Water leaks, once identified, must be repaired within 72 hours.
  • Restaurants are encouraged to serve water on request only.

Frequently Asked Questions
Please check back often as we update this list as customers ask questions so that all water users receive the same information.

Can I use a sprinkler attached to a hose?
No.  The only exception is for customers who have been accepted into the Sprinkler System Waiver / Water Budget program.

What is the Sprinkler System Waiver / Water Budget program?
According to the City’s municipal code, use of sprinklers is conditional upon use of a water budget and the City continues to discourage customers from irrigating landscapes at this time.  However, the City has developed an enrollment program for customers to apply for and request permission to irrigate landscapes with the use of sprinklers.  A water budget must be followed and overall water use still requires a 25% reduction in use compared to last year’s usage.  To apply, please obtain a
Sprinkler System Waiver Application, complete and return for review.

After I submit my Sprinkler System Waiver application, what happens?

City staff will visit your property to confirm the square footage of the turf area shown on your application.  You do not need to be home and we will not go onto your property.  If we cannot determine the square footage as presented on your application, we will use other resources such as Google Earth or development plans, or contact you for clarification.

If I am approved to use my sprinkler system (whether automatic or one attached to the end of a hose), what do I do next?
For watering, use the same odd - even schedule shown above and water between 7:00pm and 9:00am only (no watering allowed on Mondays).  On request, the City will provide a sign that you may post on your property to tell others that you have agreed to follow the City Municipal Code as it pertains to the use of sprinkler systems.

Where do I report properties that aren't following the rules?
We hope citizens take a Good Neighbor approach and help others simply by having a conversation and invite them to find additional information on the City's website, or ask them to stop by City Hall for clarification.  If you've had a conversation but feel a neighbor isn't fully understanding the Stage 1 Water Conservation rules, please send an email to our Customer Service department.  Be sure to let us know the exact address and details of the concern, along with dates and times of what is being observed.  We'll mail materials to them to help give them the tools they need to follow the Municipal Code.

Will I get a fine if I don't follow the Stage 1 restrictions?
Customers will not receive an automatic fine or penalty.  The City's approach is to open a dialogue with a customer.  Failing to comply after repeated issues are addressed, the City will follow the Municipal Code which includes mailing two letters.  If a customer continues non-compliance, penalties will be assessed and the customer is at risk for termination of water service.  The City has no interest in terminating the services to any of its customers.

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