Cloverdale California

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Code Enforcement
The Planning/Community Development Department is responsible for assuring the City Zoning and Building Codes are implemented on private property. Code enforcement helps maintain the general public health and safety of residents. 


Code enforcement is primarily implemented on a complaint driven basis. Enforcement involves responding to nuisance complaints including weed abatement, graffiti, property maintenance, trash and debris storage, and abandoned buildings. Staff typically does not actively look for code violations, but rather responds to public complaints reporting a nuisance. A complaint may be submitted to the Department by completing the Nuisance Identification Form.

The Abandoned and Distressed Residential Property Registration Program establishes property maintenance requirements for abandoned residential properties that are the subject of a foreclosure proceeding or have a recorded Notice of Default. Beneficiaries and trustees are required to:

  1. Register vacant or abandoned property with the City by submitting the Abandoned or Distressed Residential Property Registration Form.
  2. Pay the applicable registration fee.
  3. Perform regular inspections of the property.
  4. Retain a local property manager (if the beneficiary or trustee is located more than 15 driving miles from the City).

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