What is Stage 1 Water Conservation?

This stage is voluntary, however, the City retains the right to enforce our Municipal Code when water is blatantly wasted. For the majority of water customers, the city is expecting them to self-monitor their water use and to continue doing the best they can to save water. Fines and/or shut-off of services will only happen for blatant water wasters who will be notified by phone or door hanger of any infraction; upon continued waste, they will be notified by letter warning of possible shut-off of services.

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1. What is Stage 1 Water Conservation?
2. The city's approach to reducing water by requiring 25% reduction seems unfair. Doesn't this approach penalize those of us that have already been conserving?
3. How do I know if I am using 25% less water?
4. What if I don't have usage from last year because I've lived on the property a short time? How is my reduction percentage calculated?
5. With Stage 1 Water Conservation, will I be allowed to water my lawn?
6. If we get a "miracle March", will customers still need to reduce water useage?
7. Why hasn't the city done more to prevent this shortage from happening?
8. Has the city looked into using recycled water for irrigation?