What is a Business License Tax Certificate?

A Business License Tax is an annual tax you pay each fiscal year for doing business within the incorporated area of the City of Cloverdale. The Business License Tax Certificate is evidence only that your tax has been paid, however, other permits may be required to open your business. A separate tax certificate is required for each type of business at the same location or for each branch location.

Cloverdale's municipal code requires that you obtain a license prior to conducting any business activity within the city. Even if your business is located outside the city limits or you have a business license from another city you are required to pay tax in Cloverdale.

Receipt of a Business License Certificate does not constitute an endorsement of the business nor does it grant permission to conduct business at any place prohibited by the city’s Zoning Ordinances or any other federal, state, or local regulation.

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1. What is a Business License Tax Certificate?
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