Community Programs

Available Programs

For more information about any of these programs, contact the Police Department at 707-894-2150.

Citizen's Police Academy

The Department offers a Citizen's Police Academy every several years. Cloverdale residents aged 18 and older may take the semester-long class. It covers some of the basic requirements to become a police officer as well as the training program a newly-hired officer completes.

Classes include visits to the county jail; driving a police car; meeting with the Chief of Police, Deputy District Attorney, and Superior Court Judge; patrol and booking procedures; and other exciting topics.

Graffiti Abatement

Cloverdale Police Officers and the Community Service Officers (CSO) are involved in actively reporting graffiti so that it can be cleaned up quickly. Officers are also involved in actively patrolling and investigating graffiti-related crimes. Working with the city's Planning Department, Public Works Department, and property owners, all efforts are made to clean up graffiti quickly so that our town stays beautiful and other graffiti crimes aren't encouraged.

Neighborhood Watch

This community-based organization of citizens working together with law enforcement has become the key to preventing burglary and crime nationwide. Locally, neighborhoods are encouraged to poll their neighbors to find out if they are interested in coming together to form a Neighborhood Watch Group. Once this is done, a presentation by the Police Department can get the program started. The Department can also be a resource for handout materials and neighborhood watch signs.

VIN Verification

The Cloverdale Police Department no longer provides Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) verification. Please contact the California Highway Patrol or the Department of Motor Vehicles to confirm the VIN number on your vehicle.