Animal Control

Leash Law

The City of Cloverdale has a leash law for dogs. If your dog is running loose, you may be cited for having a dog at large (CMC 6.08.020) and your dog may be impounded. Currently, these fees start at $250.00.

Impounded Dogs

If your dog happens to be impounded by the Cloverdale Police Department and taken to the Animal Hospital of Cloverdale for sheltering, you first need to go to the Cloverdale Police Department and pick up an Animal Release form from the dispatcher on duty. You will need to supply the dispatcher with a current copy of the dog's license and proof of valid rabies vaccination.

If you do not have a valid license, go to City Hall first. If City Hall is closed, license applications associated with an impounded dog can be processed by the police department.

There is an Animal Release fee of $70.00 per dog with proof of valid license and rabies, or $100.00 if the dog does not have a valid license and/or rabies, payable to the City of Cloverdale. There is also a daily sheltering fee paid to the City of Cloverdale which is set by the Animal Hospital of Cloverdale.