Communications and Records Division


Dispatch Unit

The Cloverdale Police Department's Dispatch Unit consists of six full-time Public Safety Dispatchers / Records Technicians. The Dispatch Unit is overseen by the Technical Services Manager.

The dispatchers play a vital role in the interface between the Cloverdale Police Department, the Cloverdale Ambulance, surrounding Emergency Services, and the citizens of Cloverdale. They are also the initial point of contact for the Cloverdale Public Works Department in the evenings, on weekends, and on holidays. Through the 911 system, they are also the initial point of contact for fire and rescue calls.

To date in 2019, dispatchers handled 18,035 documented calls for service throughout the year. This total does not include the thousands of telephone calls, citizen contacts, and miscellaneous events that happened where no incident number was assigned.


Public Safety Dispatchers also have the additional responsibility of functioning as records clerks. When they are not actively dispatching, they are:

  • Entering information into a records management system
  • Processing reports
  • Entering information into the statewide telecommunications system
  • Filing
  • Working on specially assigned projects

Public Safety Dispatchers / Records Technicians Division is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.