Park Rules and Regulations

For the safety and enjoyment of all...

Hours of Operation: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

(Chapter 12.20.020)

No Horses 

(Chapter 12.20.030)

No Motorcycles or Motorbikes 

(Chapter 12.20.040)

No Bicycles 

(Chapter 12.20.050)

No Motor Vehicles 

(Chapter 12.20.060)

No Overnight Camping 

(Chapter 12.20.070)

Dogs Must Be On a Leash 

(Chapter 6.08.020)

No Smoking 

(Chapter 8.08.040)

No Alcohol 

(Chapter 9.08.100, Unless permitted/pre-approved)

As a courtesy...

No Jump Houses or "Blow Up" Devices

Amplified Sound Requires a Use Permit

All trash/debris must be properly disposed of following gatherings and events

Please Clean up After Your Dog

Follow all Posted Rules and Park Staff