Public Art

Public art is embedded into the fabric of Cloverdale and plays a vital role in our thriving community as it contributes to our identity, fosters community pride, enhances the quality of life of residents and visitors, and adds significant value to the cultural, aesthetic, and economic vitality of the City. The City of Cloverdale recognizes its importance and supports public art that is created for the general public for a shared experience of creative expression, that is both community-driven and community-building, by welcoming art makers of any discipline, practice, background, and vision to get inspired and get involved! The City's public art goal is to amplify our messaging and increase community engagement, provide a platform for community expression, and empower the community through equitable and accessible programming. Doing so connects artists to both City and private resources and demystifies the governmental regulations and processes, which in turn will hopefully engage and empower a diverse group of artists to find opportunities to create public art, ensuring everyone has access to art experiences that reflect their culture and sense of place for years to come. 

Sculpture Trail

The Walkable Cloverdale Sculpture Trail has 15 public art pieces all in downtown Cloverdale. Additional information is available at

Cloverdale Arts Alliance

The Gallery is operated by local artists with a wide variety of original artwork offered by residents. Additional information is available at