CloveReady Emergency Preparedness Plan

CloveReady Emergency Preparedness Plan

The Cloverdale Police Department has created the Cloverdale Wildfire Community Evacuation Plan also known as CloveReady.   The strategic plan of CloveReady is to implement a comprehensive outreach program, working with Resilient Cloverdale, to ensure that every resident regardless of age, race, health, mobility, socio-economic condition, and primary language has a strong understanding of the steps they can take before and during a mandatory evacuation to protect the health and wellbeing of their household, staff, clients, and neighbors.

The primary goal of CloveReady is to craft a communication campaign through outreach by securing a vendor to create the campaign’s overall “look and feel” as well as related website, signage and collateral assets that will reach all Cloverdale residents. The outreach strategy will include direct mail, door to door engagement, and visibility at community events focusing on three essential components:

  •  Awareness-by educating residents on what steps to take to elevate their awareness of changing conditions and calls for action through alerts and other media outlets   
  • Preparedness - provide guidance to residents about making smart investments that will ensure that everyone is ready to safely evacuate or shelter in place
  • Activation - if it becomes necessary to evacuate or shelter in place, everyone has the capacity to meet their household’s, or immediate neighbors, needs

The campaign will look to contributing agencies such as, the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce, Citrus Fair, The Cloverdale Senior Center, the Sonoma County Library System, La Familia Sana, other key stakeholders and civic networks for outreach using various platforms.

The CloveReady campaign was brought forward at the June 23, 2021 council meeting and council authorized the City Manager to move forward with the CloveReady campaign.  On September 8th, the Cloverdale City adopted a resolution approving an agreement with the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce to implement the CloveReady program. 

CloveReady Brochures

CloveReady Emergency Preparedness Brochure - English

CloveReady Emergency Preparedness Brochure - Spanish

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