Safety Element Update

The City is embarking on updating the Public Health and Safety Element! The Safety Element is one of the elements or chapters of the City’s General Plan the blueprint for the way Cloverdale will grow.  The purpose of the Safety Element is to include safety considerations in the planning and decision‐making process by establishing policies related to future development that will minimize the risk of personal injury, loss of life, property damage, and environmental damage associated with natural and man‐made hazards. The Safety Element addresses the Cloverdale’s natural hazards and human activities that may pose a threat to public safety within the following topic areas: wildfire, flooding, geological, hazardous materials and waste, airport safety, pandemic, and drought. Please check back for updates. 

Planning Commission to consider recommending General Plan Safety Element to City Council September 7th 2021. 

 At their regular meeting of September 7th, the Planning Commission will consider making a recommendation to the City Council for adoption of the General Plan Safety Element update. 

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Background Report

Draft Safety Element

CEQA Negative Declaration (Environmental Review)

Draft Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

Workshop Presentation June 2, 2021