Measure R - Utility User Tax Extension

Dear Neighbor, 

Thank you for visiting our website page about Measure R on the November 3 2020 Ballot.

On July 22, 2020, the Cloverdale City Council placed Measure R, the City of Cloverdale Utility User Tax Extension, on the November ballot. If enacted, Measure R will continue the existing 3% Utility User Tax adopted by Measure O, which provides locally-controlled funding to maintain Cloverdale's essential City services.

City of Cloverdale voters passed Measure O in November 2014, which established a 3% Utility User Tax (“UUT”) with a sunset date of January 1, 2023, unless re-enacted by a majority vote of Cloverdale voters.  In 2014 in order to remain financially stable, Cloverdale implemented numerous budget cuts, including reducing the number of City employees by over 20%, freezing salaries for the past six years, reforming pensions, and closing City Hall on Fridays. Despite these efforts, there was little left to cut in the budget.  Measure O was adopted by the voters to help maintain essential City services. Measure O provides a guaranteed source of local funding that cannot be taken by Sacramento or Washington, and that can be used to prevent further cuts and maintain our essential City services. Measure R will extend the Utility User Tax approved by Measure O. The City will require maintaining the existing UUT beyond the current sunset date in order to maintain existing service levels for park projects, street improvements, and maintenance of police services.

Measure R would also continue to provide low-income senior exemptions for telecommunications, electricity, and gas services. To qualify for an exemption, the person responsible for paying the bill would have to be 65 years of age or older and eligible to participate in an existing low-income service plan for the applicable service.

Please contact City Manager David Kelley or Finance Director Susie Holmes for more information about Measure R

David Kelley
Cloverdale City Manager