Utilities Department

The city provides water and wastewater services to its residents. 

New Water/Sewer Service

A $60 start service fee applies for every start of service, even if the water is currently "on" at the property. A deposit is required ($150.00 or reduced to $75 if the account holder signs up for automatic debit program). Please read the Start New Water Service/Sewer Service Application Form (PDF) for more information. No phone calls will be accepted to start water service. Forms may be accepted by fax but payment must also be submitted before the applications will be processed.

Stop Water/Sewer Service

A Stop Water/Sewer Service Form (PDF) requesting an account be closed is required to be submitted. All unpaid billings are required to be paid. Any deposit remaining will be applied to the closing bill after the stop date. No phone calls will be accepted to stop water service. Forms may be accepted by fax but payment must also be submitted before the request will be processed.

Automatic Payment

Complete the Direct Debit Authorization Form (PDF) if you want to sign up to have your monthly billed amount deducted automatically from a checking or savings account. This occurs on or about the 18th of each calendar month. Requests to stop or change this service must be made in writing. No phone calls will be accepted.

Residential Leak Adjustments

Review the requirements available to water customers when a leak has caused a high water bill. If a customer meets the minimum requirements, they may be eligible to receive a one-time leak adjustment as a credit on their next water bill. The request must be submitted via the Residential Leak Adjustment Request Form (PDF). For additional questions, please contact the Utility Department.

Pay your water bill online with the City of Cloverdale

Online Payments

Log in to the Customer Account and Payment Portal.

To pay without accessing your online utility account history, click on the green pay my bill button. Your payment will post on the date received as if you delivered your payment in our office. If your online credit card payment is made during hours our offices are open, your payment will post on the date received. If we are closed, your payment will post the next business day.

To review your utility account billing and payment history (with the option to pay once you've logged in), enter your water account number and Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you do not have a PIN, the account holder must take photo identification to City Hall to set up their PIN.

Questions? Send an email to Customer Service.