Obtain a Business License

Who needs a Business License? All businesses selling or producing a product, or providing a service, to anyone within the Cloverdale city limits must obtain a Business License.

Do I need other permits?

Depending upon the type of business and business location, you may need a permit from the Planning/Community Development Department. To find out if additional permits are required, call the Planning/Community Development Department at 707-894-1726. or email the Planning/Community Development Department.

How much does it cost?

The business license is based on a flat tax plus additional amounts depending on the type of business and number of employees and typically costs approximately $57.25 to $338.50, annually.

How often do I pay this tax?

The tax is an annual amount, due prior to January 31st of each year.

How do I obtain a license?

Complete the online application: Business License Application or mail it to:
8839 N. Cedar Avenue S.212
Fresno, CA 93720-1832

Once received and the payment has been processed you will receive your business license.

Business License Applications