Cloverdale California
Cash for Grass

The City of Cloverdale is offering its water customers an incentive to replace their thirsty lawns with water-efficient landscaping.  The program offers $0.50 per square foot to replace eligible lawn areas with:

Low-water-use, climate-appropriate plants, and/or

  • Permeable hardscape (mulch, decomposed granite, etc) and/or
  • A drip irrigation system with pressure regulation and filtration.

The program is open to all properties that are served by a City of Cloverdale water account - residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional.  The per site maximum rebate is $250 for any type of property (equivalent to 500 square feet of lawn removed)

Customers may of course remove more turf area than is covered by the rebate program, but the per site maximum $ still applies.

If you are an interested customer, be sure to fully review the Cash for Grass Agreement & Program Guidelines.

Customers must consent to brief Pre- and Post-Inspection site visits.

NOTE: Lawn areas to be converted must be historically healthy and irrigated.
Long-abandoned lawns or lawns already removed at the time of pre-inspection are not eligible for the Grass Removal Rebate Program rebate.


Steps To Participate

1. Please read and sign the Cash for Grass Agreement & Program Guidelines and email, or fax to (707) 894-3451 the City. Questions may be directed to the Water Conservation Representative at 707-894-1728 or email to Eric Janzen.

2. The Water Conservation Representative will contact you to schedule a Pre-Inspection visit to have the lawn area measured and pre-qualified for the program.

3. During the Pre-Inspection you will read and sign the Guidelines Form and the Application.   Do not remove lawn until you receive these.

4. You are then cleared to remove the lawn area and install your project according to the program Grass Removal Rebate Program Guidelines. You have 90 days to complete your project.

5. Call the Water Conservation Representative at 707-894-1728 or email Eric Janzen to schedule a Post-Inspection visit.  Post-Inspection must take place within 90 days following the Pre-Inspection visit. For those sites determined to have followed the guidelines, a rebate check will be issued within three weeks of the post-inspection.

Cash for Grass Program Guidelines
Sheet Mulching Instructions

Resources  This website also offers design tips for creating your new garden, irrigation and maintenance tips as well as selecting your new low water use plants.

A website that classifies plant species into very low, low, moderate, and high water use.

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