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Second Residential Dwelling Units
A Second Residential Dwelling Unit is a detached or attached dwelling unit of 800 square-feet or less and provides permanent, independent living provisions including sleeping, cooking, living and sanitation on the same lot as the primary dwelling unit.
Second Residential Dwelling Units are permitted in any Residential Zoning District subject to Minor Design Review permit approval pursuant to Section 18.03.150 of the Zoning Ordinance.

The units are required to be constructed in accordance with the development standards for Second Residential Dwelling Units listed here in Section 18.09.180.
The Second Residential Dwelling Unit brochure provides a summary of the Development Standards for construction of the units.

Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program
The City continues to partner with the Sonoma County Community Development Commission to offer low-cost loans for property repairs and rehabilitation to owners of single-family homes, mobile homes and multi-family homes.

Click here for more information on the Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program.

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Fair Housing
The Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) enforces California laws that provide protection and monetary relief to victims of unlawful housing practices.

Click here for additional information and a brochure on Fair Housing laws.
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Click here for additional information and answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Fair Housing laws.

Energy Use and Conservation
Learn ways to reduce your homes energy needs and consumption with construction techniques and site planning such as passive solar home design and energy efficient lighting.

Click here for helpful tips from the U.S. Department of Energy on saving money and energy at home.

PG & E provides the following helpful information on ways to save money and conserve energy at home:
Tips on saving energy in your home 
A step by step guide on smarter home energy use
Swimming pool pump efficiency fact sheet

The California Energy Commission provides the following information on ways to consume less energy:
Summertime Tips to Stay Cool at Home
Summertime Home Energy Saving Tips 
Summertime Energy Saving Tips for Businesses
Wintertime Home Energy Saving Tips
Winter Holiday Season Energy Saving Tips
Wintertime Energy Saving Tips for Businesses 

Kids can learn how to help reduce energy use at home with these helpful tips and information from
Home Energy Conservation for Kids  

Housing Program
The City of Cloverdale has an active and progressive affordable housing program. Its primary funding source is the City's Inclusionary Housing Ordinance. The program has on-going activities such as the Inclusionary Housing Program. It also has money set aside for projects of opportunity, which are intended not only to provide affordable housing but also to catalyze economic development in specific areas of the community.

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